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 Stolen Bikes
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!!! Stolen !!!

BSA 1928 Model S28 De Luxe stolen in Essex England,
Engine No. 19748, Frame No. 11120.
There will be a reward for any information
for the return of complete machine or parts.

Phone : 0044 1277 899164 ( England )
Mobile: 0044 7768025025 ( England )

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Andrew Jeffrey Vic Australia
1924 AJS B3 Bigport, with seperate oil and Petrol Tank.
Found in Newport Victoria Australia 2004.
Operating as a stationary engine.
Refurbished to Andrews fussy Standard ( and why not !)
Some Parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises

Another find from Andrew Jeffrey
1935 AJS Model 18 500cc OHV Single Port
Parts collected over the last 20 years to make it complete.


1935 Model 18 Single port OHV            1931 S8 500cc OHV Twinport

AJS 1929 Model M5 350cc SV
not many of these Models come up for sale,
( from the Andy Tiernan Collection UK)


AJS 1935 500cc OHV Model 8
was owned by Hans Theo Malchus Part Owner of
" DIE DREI - Stellmacherei. Tischlerei, Modellbau - "
So If your Wooden Spoked Wheel has Wood Worm or Worse.
Need a complete Wooden Bodywork, this is the Firm to Visit !
Some of Theos Wood Machinery
dates back to 1905 and still in use!

TEL +49 531-351996

( Theo just sold his Norton Commando to Bernd Grosse Cornucopias Webb Guru )

Diese AJS 1935 500cc OHV Model 8
war im Besitz von Hans Theo Malchus Teilhaber an der

Falls ihr defekte Holzspeichenräder mit Holzwürmern habt,
neue Holzspeichenräder oder eine komplette Holzkarosserie braucht,
dann ist dies die Firma, die du besuchen solltest!
Theos Maschinenpark umfaßt Neue und
alte antike Maschinen. Die Älteste stammt aus dem Jahr 1905
und ist immer noch in Gebrauch!

A WONDERFULL EXAMPLE OF A 1939 AjS 500cc OHV Model 18.
Sold in Germany in 1939
(See Dealer Plate on frame)

Owner Karsten Schiller Wismar Germany,
Cornucopia Supplied Rear stand assy,
Dyno Fixing Clamp assy.
Hope we see some more photos when restoration is completed.


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This wonderfull Example of a BSA 1936 G14, owned by Andre - from Germany, ( a faithfull friend ). Before and after Restoration. Using many Cornucopia Products.
Machine bought and purchased from "British Only", Austria 14 years ago.

A nice restored BSA G14 1936, Sidecar Outfit, ( Cornucopia supplied some parts ) Restored by Owner Fred Jupe, Queensland Australia.

Sam Jacksons, completed BSA 1933 G14,
complete Restoration by Sam.
Just taken, Best in Show, BSA event Ohio USA 2016.
Silencer , Tool box , Chainguard, Stays etc suppied by
Cornucopia Enterprises

Restoration coming on fine,
from Sam Jackson USA.
BSA 1931 L31/6

Note the size of the Trophy!
Why in the UK do we get a bent Conrod on a piece of wood?

A nice example of a 1937 B18 250cc BSA OHV Light de Luxe, with 4 Speed Gearbox. English Reg No. DKP 687. ( Some spares supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises )
Present Owner, Marcus Vater Eisenach Germany. Imported from the UK in the late 1990`s, Last Reg Owner 1994, Colin Fletcher Rochester Kent. From the late 1990`s it was on Dispaly only in Mr. Fletchers Living Room. Other previous Owner Thomas Alfred Jarret (1957) Sittingbourne Kent UK.

BSA Y13 1936 750cc V-Twin OHV
Owner Peter Marbach, Germany. Bought in the 1980s from a Dealer in Mannheim, incomplete less Rear Mudgard, Dyno and Magneto. The BSA was partly stripped and hidden in a celler during war time!
Almost Original. Petrol Tank Panel has no Ammeter, when Bosch Lighting fitted. The Machine can be viewed at Deutsches Zweirad Museum Neckarsulm.

Parts supplied by Cornucopia.

Besitzer Peter Marbach, Deutschland.
Die BSA wurde in den 1980er von einem Händler in Mannheim
erworben, ohne hinteres Schutzblech, Dyno und Magneto.
Während des Krieges war sie zerlegt in einem Keller
versteckt! Fast Original. Der Benzin-Tank-Panel hat kein
Amperemeter, da eine Bosch-Anlage installiert war.
Das Motorrad kann im Deutschen Zweirad Museum Neckarsulm
angesehen werden.

Ersatzteile wurden von Cornucopia geliefert.

A nice pair of Photos, from David Duff, New Zealand. His 1940 BSA 500cc SV WM20. Note the rare valanced rear Mudguard, and large Petrol Tank, Civilian Forks
All 1939-40 Army M20s are basicaly Civilian Models.
David has another M20 at present being restored
( Many Parts over the last 8 Years supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany ).

My name is Marcin Klimczak and live in Poland.
My Passion are pre war BSA Motorcycles.
All bikes which I've restored by my hands.My idea is " make restoration as good as it's possible". I usually use original parts but sometimes when i've no choice I must use replica. During my adventure with Beezers I bought parts from various dealers / makers. One of them is Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany ) there stock of Pre War BSA parts is astounding.
Yours Marcin)

Old Bike Club Poland, with its fast growing membership is unique in the fact most members are young ( Ish ). With enthusiasm that sometimes puts other clubs to shame. Marcin's dedecation to originality and perfection is almost a disease, as you can see from the photos. When you consider the wages in Poland for the marjority is lower than some E.U. lands the effort and money that is showered on the BSA's is a credit to Marcin and family.
Motorcycles restored to this standard ( and remember used weekly !) are not everybodies choice but if you consider the lack of spares, the language problem, not to forget the expense ! I think its a tribute to Marcin and family and of course BSA Motorcycles. Marcin is always asked if he will sell any of his collection ( Currently working on a Y13 V. Twin BSA) the answer is always no ! But possibly in 2 or 3 years time Marcin will enter the world of professional restoration. That will ensure more Pre war BSA will grace our roads, keep up the good work.
Peter Long Cornucopia Enterprises )

BSA 1931 G31-12 1000cc SV World Tour
Type with instrument Panel on Handle Bar, only made for one year. Main part of the bike located in England, Sidecar in Germany. Most parts damaged including Engine, Gearbox, Forks, most parts none original. The task of restoring this bike gave Marcin some of his largest headaches, without the shed loads of money poured into this project. Most people would give up on first sight. Marcin's father manufactured a complete new wooden framework for the sidecar.
Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany )

Pre War Britsh Bike Show March 2017, Pulawy Poland. Marcin and his wife Daria
BSA 1934 M34-12 595cc SV Sloper

This machine was Marcins first BSA, found in Poland, Restoration time 4 to 5 years. Many miles covered on this reliable work horse ( Or Tractor as Marcin calls it )
Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany )

BSA 1937 B24 OHV Empire Star

Restored bike last. Owned and restored by Marcins son Hubert.
This machine purchased from Yeomans Motorcycles England, many parts not original most of the important rare parts missing. Note the attention to detail on this restoration.
Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany )

BSA 1937 M22 OHV Sports

With Twin Port C. Head, Cut away Oil Tank. ( For high level Ex pipes) a wonderful ( Fast for its time !) motorcycle. Restoration time two years, purchased in Denmark, in our eyes, one of BSAs nicest looking machines. A wonderful restoration.
Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany )


Very interesting Story from our friends at the Old Bike Club Poland, from Marcin Klimczak.

From Poland to Shanghai on a BSA G34-14 V-Twin
Halina and Stanislaw Bujakowski were living in Druskininkai, where they�ve met and get married in August 1934. After their marriage, Halina and Stanislaw began an extraordinary journey. Its aim was the farthest point on the map achievable on a motorcycle, from their home in Druskininkai, Poland to Shanghai, China. Their route took them through Europe, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Persia, India, Burma, Indo-China and finally China. They started the journey on 19th August 1934 with a BSA motorcycle G34-14 model and a sidecar. Stanislaw led motorcycle, Halina was sitting in a basket. With her lap typewriter, she kept a journal as well as sending travel logs back to the national magazines in the form of reports. After returning to Poland in 1937, Halina collected them and wrote chronicle from expedition which hasn�t been released until the 2011.

Fortunately 70 years later, manustcripts were rediscovered and published as a book �My boy, motorcycle and me.
From Druskininkai to Shanghai 1934-1936� edited by Lukasz Wierzbicki.
(via MotArt: Honeymoon Journey on a Motorcycle)

A credit to his workmanship. The finished machine is in a word " Stunning". Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany ). One of the largest BSA motorcycle dealers in Poland ( Pre War ) " Biuro Techniczne ANDRZEJ PRZEWORSKI i S-ka" Technical office Andrew Przeworski and company Warsawa Czackiego Str 16.
Motorcycles restored to this standard ( and remember used weekly !) are not everybodies choice but if you consider the lack of spares, the language problem, not to forget the expense ! I think its a tribute to Marcin and family and of course BSA Motorcycles. Marcin is always asked if he will sell any of his collection, the answer is always no ! ( Currently working on a Y13 V-Twin BSA ) But possibly in 2 or 3 years time Marcin will enter the world of professional restoration. That will ensure more Pre war BSA will grace our roads, keep up the good work.
Peter Long Cornucopia Enterprises
Photos protected by database copyright. Photos are from Marcin Klimczak ( Poland ).
Secretary and one of the founders of the OLD BIKE CLUB POLAND

A very rare BSA 1937 M20
( The first year of production ) only made in 1937-39
and a BSA 1969 650cc A65.
Both restored by TONY CHEN ( Chen yi ter ) Kaohsiung Taiwan.
Tony has been a loyal customer for the last 38 years.
He is one hell of a character!
Keep well for the next 38 years!
Many parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises ( Germany )

Charlies GOLD STAR DB 500

1937 BSA M20
There are three BSA models that most BSA fans do not know exist!
The USA export model A10 ( Super Flash), the 1934 BSA 500cc OHV Special and the 1937-38 BSA M20/21, not the same as the 1939 Model !

A valued customer, Charlie Crocco lives in Willow Grove Pennsylvania USA has a farm, occupation is Period Landscape Gardner, he is also a BSA Freak, loves his GOLD STARS. He Rented out a piece of his land to a Bob Staufer ( the previous owner of Charlies farm ). Bob was a very wealthy man ( unknown to Charlie ) made his fortune from the age of 16 as Excavator ( Digger Driver ). Being a member of the local M/Cycle Club in the 1950s, he built ( Dug Out ) a 1/4 Mile Race Banked Track behind his farm. Evidence of the Grandstands can be seen today! Charlie knew very little about Bob, often he would call on Charlie and admire the various Gold Stars and talk for hours about old times. Charlie would often help him out with various jobs ( at that time Bob was 75/80 years old ). One day he arrived and said i have somthing you may be interested in. They drove to Bobs enormous mansion, there sat a 1937 BSA M20 almost 100% Original. ( O.K. the Tappet Cover has been replaced with a M21 1950 item with logo) This is a unbelivible rare machine, never seen one as original as this example ( anyone seen a better version? ). This was a hand change model, all that was missing was a tool box and the correct rear lamp. ( Some twenty years ago the National M/C Museum tried very hard to buy it! Bob says to Charlie, it is yours for all the help in the past you have given, some money did change hands, thats the kind of guy Charlie is! Chalie asked where did you buy it? Bob Staufer was a real character, he was in the US Army and based during the war somewhere in England ( pity the area was not known ). He won the BSA in a card game in 1945, stayed till 1949 and had it shipped to Willow Grove Air Force Base Pennsylvania, in the hanger where the Prancing Tiger Squad was based. He turned it over every month, changed the green on the tank as green is unluckey. The Engine was checked and seems to have done not more than 3.500 miles. For some unknown reason Bob never rode the bike, just thought it was nice to look at. Sadly Bob was murdered, over $200 dollers, someone beat him to death with a piece of Wood ! A sad end to a very interesting man. Charlie started to restore the M20 some 15 Years ago, Cornucopia Enterprises supplied few parts for the M20 & The Gold Stars. Restoration work is still going on, keeping the original parts I.E the ex pipe and silencer.

Peter Long

We look forward to more photos in the future                            

What a perfect Example ! CHARLIE CROCCO Restored Pre War M20, Best one we have ever seen!
Exhaust Pipe, Silencer ( same one in Photo ) took seven Months to Chrome in the US due to Covid delays.

A real blast from the past !
A regular customer, at our shop in Barking Essex,
John Lee on his BSA 500cc OHV DBD Gold Star

Hello Peter,
Hope you are keeping well, I enclose this photo of me on John Lee`s Gold Star, Photo taken around 1965.
At that time 15 years old, John used to take me to Work on the back of his Gold Star, as we both worked for Lewden Metal Products Lea Bridge Road
Leytonstone East London. He was a Tool Maker, and me an inspiring one !
Happy Days, used to visit your Shop in Barking.
Love the new Song about Barking, really put it on the Map !!!
As i always wanted a Triton and you where the Man.
Hope to see you soon Harry Cowley.

A very nice Restoration of a BSA 500cc OHV 1935 W35-7

Here is a Photo of my restored 1935 W35-7
It was out on its first 90km Run went very well, no real Dramas.
I am now restoring a 1948 B33 Rigid.
Thank you for your Service of Parts and Info in the Project.
Kind Regards to all at Cornucopia Enterprises

Lloyd Elliott
Albany City Motors Albany Western Australia.

Andrew Jeffrey Vic Australia
BSA 1934 J11 500cc V-Twin.
Engine only, discovered 1975, still searching for Parts.
Remanufactured Front Headstock, Back Bone, at great expense,
then found a original two Years later.


BSA J11 Forks retubed and ready to go !    /    BSA J11 Petrol Tank Reconditioned.


The next Restoration Stage of Andrews BSA 1934 J11 2020
Some Parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises


The last stage of restoration 2021
Some Parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises

1934 BSA G-34-14 1000cc SV V-Twin
A recent purchase by our good friend Ranul ( India )
not 100% original, wrong Silencer-Pipes for that Year, but looks nice


BSA L28 1928 350cc Super Sport ( Single Port )
Racer Owner Ben Keys
Some where in Queensland Australia )
This beast runs on Methenol !
Later the Engine will be replaced with a 1937 500cc Empire Star 500cc Motor.
Cornucopia supplied many Parts for this Machine.

  nice before & after Photos of our Customers

A unrestored BSA 4.93 1929 OHV Light Twin Port S30-19.
( this Model for us, is one of the best looking singles for 1929 )
Very rare, owned by Hardy Eberl Germany. This Machine has now been dismantled for Restoration.
Bought by Mr Eberts Uncle some 20 Years ago, who was a great BSA fan.
First bought from the Dresden Dealer, Emil Geissler.
This Example has the the Special Accessory Oil Tank fitted under the Seat BSA Part-No.24-8548.
Cornucopia Supplied The Exhaust Pipes.

Eine schöne unrestaurierte BSA 4.93 1929 OHV Light Twin Port S30-19.
( Dieses Model ist eins der schönsten Singles von 1929 )
Sehr selten, Besitzer ist Hardy Eberl aus Deutschland. Die Maschine ist jetzt zur Restaurierung zerlegt.
Gekauft wurde die Maschine vor 20 Jahren von Hardys Onkel ( ein großere BSA Fan ).
Der Erstbesitzer hat die BSA beim Händler Emil Geissler in Dresden erworben.
Diese Exemplar hat als Sonderzubehör einen Öltank unter dem Sattel BSA Part-No. 24-8548.
Die Auspuffrohre wurden von Cornucopia geliefert.

Belive it or not this amazing Looking "Gold Star" BSA, has been build around a B31 Frame.
Owner Andy


His newly acquired 1935 OK Supreme 250

BSA 350cc Gold Star 1957, with many Race Modifications.
Owner for the last 50 years Peter Spahr, Berlin Germany.
It is still raced by Peters Son Andre.
This machine has won many Races and is now for Sale.
Phone direct Peter Spahr +4930 50575958.

BSA 350cc Gold Star 1957, mit vielen Race Modifikationen.
Besitzer seit 50 Jahren Peter Spahr, Berlin Deutschland.
Es wird immer noch von Peters Son Andre gefahren.
Diese Maschine hat viele Rennen gewonnen und steht jetzt zum Verkauf.
Telefon Peter Spahr +4930 50575958.

( many Parts supplied by Cornucopia /
( viele Teile wurden von Cornucopia geliefert )

1934 350cc BSA R34 de Luxe
Owner Myles Raymond Glasgow Scotland
Bought on Ebay 2015 ( so called restored) but Myles liked the look ! ( like half a J12 )
BSA produced very few and was not very popular with the Public.
So very few come up for Sale.
He did not think his chances were good, as it was a pretty looking Bike.
Luckily not a lot of bidding. ( poss to near Christmas ? )
So it was purchased for a lot less than its worth.
But a lot of time and money was invested to get it right.
Wrong Clutch, poor Indian made Levers, Electrical & Carb Problems.
In the End, as you can see, a wonderfull Example of a rare BSA.
Myles has a few other Projects on the Way, we are sure they will be completed to the same high Standard.

PS. 2019 a Valve danced on the Piston !

( Cornucopia Enterprises supplied Genuine BSA Valves NOS ! & Batterie Clips etc. )

1954 BSA Gold Star BB34 500cc
A nice example of Mark Jacob ( Switzerland ),
large Fin Cylinder Head, Matching Numbers,
originally deliverd in Road Racing Trim,
1.1/2 Inch G.P.RRT2 Gearbox.
Multiple Year Goodwood History and still raced in Europe.
Marks daily Ride is a Norton Commando Fastback.

Mark just bought a Genuine Lyta Alloy Tank, from Cornucopia Enterprises
He polished the LYTA Petrol Tank by Hand!
and had good Luck in locating Genuine LYTA Logo from Ebay.
Mark has been a regular customer for some years, a nice guy to know!

1936 Q21 Blue Star 500cc OHV
As found by Matt Potts from Toowong BC Queensland Australia.
Bought from a collector in Mittagong N.S.W.
This is Matts first Vintage Pommy Bike ( His words not ours !)
He cut his teeth on a BSA C15 & M20.
As you can see from the restoration of his Fathers Austin 7,
he knows what needs to be done.
We look forward to more photos as the restoration moves on.

( A large amout of spares supplied by Cornucopia! )

1933 SLOPER M33-10 WITH OHV Conversion
Some before and after photos of Martin Newman's ( Somerset England )
BSA Sloper 1933 M33-10
Great History for this Classic Machine.
My Involvement with AGF 201 started in 1994 when i purchased the Bike from a Farmers Wwidow in Ilminster, Somerset England.
The Bike was discovered as a Barn find.
Surprisingly after a good clean the Bike fired up !
Research through the BSA Owners Club revealed Records that showed the Bike as been built as a M33-10 5.95 HP Side Valve, despatched to Torquay Post Office on 28th April 1933. Part of a batch of 31 Combinations, registered AGF 180-210.
My father was a time served engineer, he restored the Petrol Tank, manufactured a Tool Box from old Biscuit Tins.
(see Photo), Pushrod Tubes also missing.
So he used some Bathroom Towel Rails, still in use today.
After 25 years the first mechanical Failure.
A stripped 3rd Gear, Cornucopia Enterprises supplied a replacment Gear, Clutch Plates and a 23 Tooth Engine Sprocket + Rear Carrier.
All Set for another 25 years or more.
Martin Newman Dec 2019

( 3. Photo ) to the left of Marty, his Mate on a very rare unrestored 1936 Triumph 6/1

( BSA 1946 350cc B31, Norton 1971 Commando Roadster ( reimported from Germany ), Honda 1977 CB400/4, Yamaha 2005 TDM 900 )


Some before and after photos of a BSA 1935 W35-7
Owner the very particular Nick Rossi from Northumberland England.
( and why not when you have a BSA ! )
We also may add Nick is one of the very nice Customers we have !
We look forward to more Photos when Restoration is complete.

Over a few years Cornucopia has supplied many Parts for this BSA.

  Nick Rossi in Action at Cadwell Park,
with his restored Alfa Romero 1930 1750 GS.
Stored in boxes till 1957,
restored by Nick as always a perfect Job.

BSA 1932 Blue Star 3.49 HP Model L32-5 ( Foot Change )
A lot of Motorcycles in Spain between 1930-40 were modified.
Photos of Adam Tomas Roiget Tarragona Spain.
Slightly Modified ! Blue Star Moves Modification to a higher level !
Nothing new for Adam, last restoration was a 1936 BSA Q7 in the same condition.

This is how far Tomas is with the Restoration of the BSA 1932 Blue Star.
The Man is a Genius. A Credit to the Pre War BSA Scene.
We wait in anticipation for the next Photos.
Peter Long

Cornucopia Enterprises supplied Forks & Frame Chain Stays, etc for this Project

BSA 1933-13 World Tour 986cc SV
Owner retired Chief Engineer Ben Lang, Cornwall England.
Bought for Pounds 25 in 1966 St Agnes Cornwall. Fitted with a 1932 Engine, registered in 1946.
One could say the Restoration has taken 50 Years.
Taken off the road in 1972, Restoration completed by Dels Motorcycles Cirencester.
At present Ben is restoring a genuine BSA Chassie & Sidecar.

Cornucopia supplied Handle Bars, Exhaust assy, + many other Parts

BSA 1936 Q8
A perfect Restoration from Robert Moser - Austria
Note the Alloy Chaincases, almost impossible to find, it took Robert 14 Years to locate one!
Robert has been a faithful Customer for many Years,
Cornucopia Enterprises supplied the Internal
Amal Twist Grips + Various Parts

Stay healthy ( as the UK Goverment say! )
Peter Long


BSA G14 1938 1000cc V-Twin
Owner Ed Bussing
Found in Chicken Shed in North California, along with two HRD's
( Is Ed winding us up ? )
Photos as found and after, he cleaned out Gas Tank & Carb, it ran just fine.
( Photos show GB Plate and Tax Disc )
Replaced Oil, took it for a Ride, due to it being a Sidecar Machine the Tyres being some what flat in places. Made it interesting.
It was a pity the Bike was complete as we could not sell Ed any Spares!

BSA Royal Enfield Trial Special
This is something special, odd but interesting,
owned / built by our Customer Nick Dyble ( England ).
BSA C10 Engine, with some Modification!
Fitted with Kabutha Diesel Piston & Royal Enfield Crankshaft.

BSA OHV Sloper 1930
Beautiful restored 1930 BSA OHV Sloper
Owner Indran Rajanathan Canada.
Cornucopia supplied many Parts to complete this Machine,
a Credit to you Indran !
Seems Indran Rajanathan has made some improvements to his 1930 BSA OHV SLOPER.
Taking BEST british and vintage awards for 2022.

BSA 1936 Empire Star
My 1936 Empire Star, almost finished thanks to Cornucopia for the Parts supplied over the last nine Years !
Remarks by Ashley Blair, Owner Restorer BSA 1936 Empire Star ( New Zealand )

First Reg in 1938 in Köping Sweden. After a Crash in 1959 nothing was done.
I bought it in 1991 together with two other M20s, a 1939 and 1942 Model, but did not start the Restoration till 2019.
Luckly the Engine and Frame Numbers match.
Rear Mudguard + Tool Boxes and many small Parts was missing.Sadly the Petrol Tank has a small Dent ! and Forks badly bent.
All Repairs done by myself, using Crom/Moly Tubing for the Forks, still missing a few small Parts but getting there !
And yes, Parts from Cornucopia Enterprises, Head Lamp Brackets, Rear Carrier, Handle Bars + Controls + the very nice MT110 replica Rear Lamp.
Owner Häkan Snäckerstrom Sweden

The above Machines have / will be restored by
Ziggys / Lisa Dee, Classic Motor Cycles Oceanside - CA 92057 USA
Ziggy moved from Germany to the US some 20 Years ago and found his Heaven !
As you can see from Ziggys Web Site some of the Restorations completed.
A Master of Fabrication, his Replica of the BMW Rauch Bosch 2 & 3 Gauge Head Lamp fitted to BMW R60/2 shows his Talent.
A Firm that will go Places !
Nice to see such Dedication to the Vintage World.

All The Best
Peter Long

     BSA 1936 Empire Star ( note the rare Alloy Chaincase ! )

BSA Sloper OHV 1930 before Restoration
Cornucopia Enterprises supplied many Parts for the BSA Sloper and Q8

A nice restoration of a 1931 Sloper,
Owner the very pleasent Thomas Will.
Owner of the posh Hotel / Restaurant Donaublick 72516 Scheer an der Donau.
He offers a wonderfull Coffee,
( but we have been waiting some two years to taste it ! )
Poss This Year ?

Over the last few years we have supplied many Parts for his BSA.

       BSA 1931 Sloper


As one can see, a Top Restoration
of the very Rare 1939 250cc SV C10.
(Many parts fit only the 1939 Model. Very few are restored,
a real credit to Jeffrey Woolley ALBERTA CANADA)
As one can see from the photos, not in good shape when found,
fitted with Car H.Lamp, and BSA Bantam Forks.
Crank shaft nuts held on with glue!
the RARE RED DOT LUCAS; AMMETER. + Bottom Fork Yolk


BSA 1939 G14 1,000.CC S.V. V. TWIN
This is the condition as found, a dream to find a example of the last Manufactured G14s 1939- 40
(At the right price of course!)
Owner Adrian Hannam Queensland Australia is a happy man.
The G14 is together with a DUSTING SIDECAR; fitted on the L / Hand side, Correct for Australia.
Found in Rockhampton, but started life in Mount Morgan.
(The many times that i have been to Rockhampton, well i missed that one!)
In storage for the last 40 years, it was offered through the local old bike club, Seems no interest from other members?
Possibly a Ex Police Model?
Interestingly the hand change on the L / Hand side!
A few parts missing, CORNUCOPIA just supplied the Oil Tank:
But some way to go as yet, should be able to help Adrian with the other missing parts.


A Fine Photo of PERCY BRYANT on his BSA 1933 SPECIAL
Breaking many records in Tasmania, this photo was discovered in the Hobart library records by our respected customer, DAVE PATTY (Australia)
Dave is currently restoring what he believes could be the same BSA SPECIAL machine
PERCY BRYANT, also known as BROAD SIDE BRYANT, was part of an Australian contingent sent to the U.K. to race on dirt tracks in the 1930s
We look forward to more updates and photos from Dave concerning his BSA SPECIAL restoration.

Restoration coming on fine DAVE PATTY 1933 W33-9 SPECIAL.
Same machine as the one in the black white photo.
Cornucopia Enterprises supplied many parts including the ex pipes.

A sad looking BSA 1931 350cc OHV L31/6 Delux.
(Before Restoration)
But very rare!
This model has the Handel Bar Large Instrument panel. (this part is always missing)
Many missing parts supplied by Cornucopia.

Owner Sam Jackson USA.
As one can see from Sams 1933 BSA V.Twin G33/13 On Customer Gallery the man has talent!
Hope we get the finished restoration photos.


1938 BSA C10
Manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Co., Ltd
250cc Single Cylinder side valve – 8hp 4 stroke
Frame No. JC10.1212 Engine Number JC10.1315
Retail Price £45
Owner – Ian Bade, Raumati Beach


Top   Menue
Excelsior 1913 3 Speed, bought complete.
Another fine machine from Andrew & Sally Repton ( see Triumph 6S ),
( From Vintage Mudguards Fame )
Taken at Albany National Veterans Collection, 2006 Western Australia


  Harley Davidson
Top   Menue

      Cristian Irarrazaval Videla
    Owner of Company,
    Hochschild Santiago
   Chile South America.
This machine was found 2016 on a farm south of Santiago, by a friend of Cristian. Paid US $ 500.

Most parts bought from 45 Restoration Company New York USA ( )                 
Cornucopia Enterprises supplied nothing for this H.D. But many parts for other projects that Cristian is working on.                 

Top   Menue

Cords Cordes splendid restoration, of my 1935 1200cc Big Chief Model 335. Fitted with Alloy Sports Cylinder Heads, SPITDORF Magneto, Silencer ( with Butterfly Valve ), Schebler DLX 108 Carbburettor. I bought this Indian in bits when I was 28, got as far as restoring the Frame, Forks & Petrol Tank in 2000. But little Time, sold it to Cord Cordes 2017
Peter Long

Cords Cordes prächtige Restaurierung von meiner 1935 1200cc Big Chief Model 335. Ausgestattet mit Alu-Sport Zylinderköpfen, SPITDORF-Magneto, Schalldämpfer ( mit Schmetterling Klappe), Schebler DLX 108 Vergaser. Ich kaufte die Indian in Teilen, als ich 28 war, und war im Jahr 2000 soweit, dass ich den Rahmen, die Gabeln und den Benzintank restauriert hatte. Aber wegen zu wenig Zeit, verkaufte ich die Indian 2017 an Cord Cordes.
Peter Long


ARIEL W/NG 350cc OHV: YEAR OCT 1940.
CORNUCOPIA ENTERPRISES Supplied: Piston, valves, Engine Sprockets, etc.
This Ariel served its time all through the war, by the British Army.
Sold to the Danish Army in 1948. Then purchased by Mr. ERIK ISSAKSEN in 1951.
Last Owner: Jan Schiller. It took him 4 months to restore.

INDIAN 741B 500cc SV V. TWIN: YEAR JAN 1943.
CORNUCOPIA ENTERPRISES Supplied: Exhaust Assy, Genuine Indian Pistons + Many Electrical Parts.
The Indian was shipped from the USA by the LEND LEASE arrangement to USSR.
After war, in 1996, it was sold to Finland.
Last owner: Jan Schiller. Restoration started Nov 1922 and was completed in 5 months.

Zwei beeindruckende Maschinen, restauriert von Jan Schiller aus Ostböhmen, Tschechische Republik.

Ariel W/NG 350cc OHV: Baujahr Oktober 1940.
Geliefert von Cornucopia Enterprises: Kolben, Ventile, Motorritzel und mehr.
Diese Ariel diente während des gesamten Krieges unter der britischen Armee.
Sie wurde 1948 an die dänische Armee verkauft und anschließend im Jahr 1951 von Herrn Erik Issaksen erworben.
Der letzte Besitzer, Jan Schiller, benötigte 4 Monate für die Restaurierung.

Indian 741B 500cc SV V. Twin: Baujahr Januar 1943.
Ebenfalls von Cornucopia Enterprises geliefert: Auspuffanlage, Original Indian Kolben und zahlreiche Elektroteile.
Die Indian wurde von den USA durch die Lend-Lease-Vereinbarung in die UdSSR verschifft.
Nach dem Krieg wurde sie 1996 nach Finnland verkauft.
Auch hier war der letzte Besitzer Jan Schiller. Die Restaurierung begann im November 1922 und wurde innerhalb von 5 Monaten abgeschlossen.

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Manufactured by the Lloyd Motor Engineering Co., Ltd
4hp side valve - 2 speed countershaft gearing
Frame No. 1458G - Engine No. 2123G
Retail Price £61

Owner – Ian Bade, Raumati Beach
It started life with owner George Johns Auckland New Zealand.
Stored from 1926 to 1980. Next OWNER Terry Lowe of Tauranga.
Restored, then stored till july 2015, Next owner Ian Bade New Zealand.

To date there are 38 known examples of LMC machines, 20 runners + 18 prodjects.
The majority are in Australia or New Zealand


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>Matchless 1938 G3 , 350cc OHV Sport
Owner Tony Cassar, Malta.
A wonderfull example, as always perfectly restored.
Delivered new to Malta, bought some years ago for Pounds 300 !
( Frame and many other Parts supplied by Cornucopia )


Matchless 350cc G3L ~1952 Flat Tracker
( now completed ) Unique Version.
Built by Martin Vandan Plas ( Holland )
Martins Trade is Jewellery ( include Club Badges etc. )
Nice guy to deal with.<
( Many Parts supplied by Cornucopia-Enterprises )


Matchless 1965 750cc G15 CSR
Another wonderfull restoration from Sam Jackson, U.S.A.
(see Sams BSA G14 1000cc V-Twin here in Gallery)
Interesting Points, Matchless used the Norton 750cc Atlas Motor & Gearbox, Forks & Wheels.
Made for the Export Market, many sent to the U.S.A.
Sam bought two Basket Cases. Rebuild time one year.
Another due next year.
( Cornucopia Enterprises supplied Nothing for this Matchless ! )


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Norton 500cc SV 16H 1941
Restoration by Steve LIoyd from Bolton Lancs England.
Looks to good to go on the road ! Even better that our Polish friends Restorations !!
Found by chance at my daughters horse Livery Stable 2016
Machine not often found, with all genuine Parts,
Engine, Gearbox in unbelievable good Condition,
Standard Bore Size,
started to dismantle Nov 2016,
came apart effortlessly,
some Damage on Fork Parts,
Restoration so far June 2017.
( Many Parts supplied by Cornucopia-Enterprises )

Steve Lloyd seems to advanced on his Norton 16H ( Attention to Detail or what !)
You may wonder, About the oil pipes feeding into the Tool Box !
Inside is a modern screw on type Oil Filter
The completed rebuild ( after two and a half years ) Steve Lloyds' impressive restoration. Needless to say it started first kick.

Norton 1941 16H 500cc SV
Owner Martin Hunt, a good original example.
Belonged to Martins Father, Martin a Englishman lives in Germany since 1995.

Rear Carrier, Footrests, Batterie Carrier supplied By Cornucopia Enterprises
Martins Father worked for K.L.M Motors Ltd Coulsdon ( Owner founder Ernest Knight ) He was at School with the son of Dennis Knight. He of the wonderfull activity books, loved by so many Children. Martins Father had a good collection of vintage motorcycles, Standing next to a very early F.N. he restored, at the London to Brighton Rally late 1950s

A Motosaccoche, year model unknown ( Pre 1914 )

Martin on his Fathers Douglas 1948 Mark 3

Norton Commando 1977 Mk III
A very modest Bernd Große
( alias the Professor, see
D-Day 70th Anniversary Photos )
is the Owner this 1977 Norton Commando MK III, one of the last produced.


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NSU 1937 OSL 351
A perfect restoration from our Belgium Customer
Nicolas Einzer Carriero.

      NSU as found, before Restoration.
      Restoration Time one Year.

 Royal Enfield
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Royal Enfield WD-C 350cc Sidevalve, 1940 from Contract C5107
Original C, Number is C 68144, with matching Frame and Engine Numbers.
  Owned by our long standing Friend Lex Schmidt, Holland a avid Collector of War Dept Vehicles.
His knowledge is second to none, deserves a lot of respect concerning his attention to Detail. He is the only Guy we know that had a Howitzer in his Front Garden.
The Machine has heavy pitting in the Alloy on one Side, poss due to laying on the Beach in St Malo.
Lex bought the bike in Britanny 2018 from the Nephew of the Prest that owned it in the 1950s ( Photo of Red Royal Enfield )
As many Eagle eyed Fans will note a lot of none original Parts fitted, M20 Petrol Tank, Triumph Wheels, Norton Rear Mudguard and Carrier.
After a lot of searching, correct Parts came together, a Rear Wheel from Australia.
Lex gave the Bike to the very competent Ron Pier ( England ) for Part Restoration.

Lex only discoverd, after cleaning the Front Number Plate the original Army Digits in April 2020, matching the the Number on the original 1940 Photo!
The Black and White Photo shows Lieutenant Keating on the Brest Front ( France ) 7/6/1940.
( Lex had this Photo before he bought the Royal Enfield )

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Alfie Brown ( Stick ) worked at Cornucopia Shop in Barking in the 1980s.

With his Hayabusa a 2004 Suzuki GSX 1300.
Standard produces 177 BHP.
Fitted with Turbo System now produces 350BHP.

Alfie on the right ! with his Son Alfie Junior, and Daughter Codey, Alfie Races at Santapod Raceway /
Alfie when he started at Cornucopia 1980s 17 Years old ´? /
Alfie at work with a NSU Quickly Crankshaft !

A nicley restored 1959 Triumph Thunderbird completed by Alfie / another Alfie Restoration Triumph 1977 Bonneville
  John Howe ( see photo in History Section ) outside Cornucopia MOT Shop, also worked at Cornucopia together with Alfie in the 1980s, at present both work together as Maintenance Engineers for Honeywell in London

A very modest Bernd Große
( alias the Professor, see
D-Day 70th Anniversary Photos ) is the Owner of the rare 1937 Triumph 6S, found in Lithuania.
Not only is he our Webmaster, also a collector of fine Objects. If you speak to him nicley, he may sell some of his Spares ? Triumph 6S, 3HW, Matchless & AJS Singles 350/500cc, Royal Enfield Twins, NSU Max. Should you have any Parts, half complete Projects for Sale, he is always interested.
Peter Long

In 2004 I bought a Triumph 1937 Model 6S. The Machine was totally disassembled except for the Gearbox. Thanks to a Spare Part List from Peter I could check the Completeness. Several Parts were missing or were wrong. Peter was able to help me with the Procurement of many Parts. The remaining Parts I could find at the Eurojumble in Netley Marsh. At the present Time, the Wiring Harness, Headlight and Petrol Tank must be mounted and adjustments made.

Many Thanks to Peter

I still have several unfinished Projects in work.
NSU Max OSB 251 1953
AJS M18 1949 Rigid ( in Baskets )

Some other Motorcycles of my Collection ( Restored or Projects )

Matchless G80 1949 & Watsonian GP Sport - Matchless G80 1950 - Royal Enfield Meteor Minor Sport 1961 - NSU Max OSB 251 1953 - Jawa Perak 1954 - Norton Commando MKIII 1977

Andrew Jeffrey Vic Australia
This Perfect Restoration Triumph 1939 T90 500cc OHV
belonged to his Father, bought in the late 1970s.
It took over 20 years to restore
Some Parts supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises

Triumph 1937 6S, Owner Andrew & Sally Repton, Western Australia.
The 6S was found in York Western Australia.
The only parts missing fom the 6S, was Instrument Panel and Front Brake Plate.
Speedo Hub and Drive Gear supplied by Cornucopia Enterprises

Andrew Repton is Manufacturer of 1st Class Replica Mudguards

A nice Restoration of the rare Triumph 1940 5SW.
Owner John Moore Lancashire, England.
Produced after Dunkirk to replenish Stocks left in France, and due to bombing Raids on the Triumph Factory.
Only one Contract of 1330 Machines were produced, very few survive today.
Photo taken at the Coastal Battery on Sword Beach France.

Another perfect Restoration of a 5SW, Type with the rare pressed Steel Carrier.

Next Project is a 3HW fitted with a complete NOS Engine.

Both Bikes restored by John Moore, he has a wonderfull Collection of WD Triumphs.
( many Parts supplied by Cornucopia
Another perfect Restoration from John Moore
Norton 1941 Big 4 633cc SV.


A fine example of a 1938 Tiumph 350cc T80.
Restored some 30 Years ago,by Father & Son Team Brian Fosh.
At that time we supplied Spares for the Restoration.
This Triumph was on the Cover of "The CLASSIC MOTORCYCLE", Issue MAY 1989.
We have now suppied a Genuine Slipper Piston to keep it running for another 30 odd Years ?


Triumph 1940 5SW SV
Again a nice Restoratiom from Ron Pier ( England )
It could be said the Ron is the Agony Aunt for the Military Restoration Movement.
A mine of Information.
A recent Restoration of Lex Schmidt's Royal Enfield can be seen further above under
Royal Enfield
Also more Photos of Ron on the D-Day 70th Anniversary Photos
And such a nice Guy.


A fine restoration of a 1939 Triumph T.100
Owner Claus Riemann Germany.
Cornucopia Supplied Front Brake Rod, and Magneto Parts.


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A perfect Restoration 1939 Universal Model A500, 490cc SV. Lighting, H. Lamp, Magneto, from the firm Scintilla ( Very rare items! ) English 4 Speed Burman Gearbox and Clutch. The Swiss Manufacturer Universal ordered 100 models for the Swiss Army in Feb 1940, At the same time another 100 Motorcycles from the Swiss Firm Condor Model A540, fitted with MAG Jubile Motor. Both to be tested for Army use, both rejected, ( to expensive to Produce ? ) From both models only a handfull exist.

Bentley 1953 R. Type 6 Cylinder 4503cc. Both Restored by Walter Mattenberger Switzerland

Mary and i would like to thank Elsbeth & Walter for our Chauffeur driven tour through Switzerland 2017 in his 1953 Bentley. Walter is also the proud Owner of a BSA 1932 500cc OHV W32-7, being restored at present.

If any W32-7 owner has a Pair of Original BSA Exhaust Pipes, for this Model for us to buy , Copy, Borrow, Cornucopia would be most greatfull.
Eine perfekt restaurierte Universal Typ A500 1939, 490 ccm SV. Beleuchtung und Zündanlage ist von Scintilla, Burman 4-Ganggetriebe. Im Feb. 1940 wurden genau 100 Stk. von der Schweizer Armee bestellt. Ebenso bestellte die Armee auch 100 Stk Condor Motorräder vom Typ A540,aber mit MAG Jubile Motor. Die Beiden Fabrikate wurden von der Armee getestet, beide wegen zu hohen Produktionskosten abgelehnt. Von Beiden Typen existieren wohl nur noch ein paar wenige Stücke.

Bentley 1936 R. Type 6 Cylinder 4503cc. Beide restauriert von Walter Mattenberger ( Schweiz )

Mary und ich möchten Elsbeth & Walter für unsere Chauffeur-Tour durch die Schweiz 2017 in seinem 1953 Bentley danken. Walter ist auch stolzer Besitzer einer BSA 1932 500cc OHV W32-7, die derzeit restauriert wird.

Wenn irgendein BSA W32-7 Besitzer ein Paar originale BSA Auspuff-Rohre hat, dieses verkaufen oder uns zum Kopieren ausleihen möchten, würden wir uns freuen ( Cornucopia ).