2014 Normandy" 2014 Normandy D-Day 70th Anniversary Tour

30.05.2014 - 08.06.2014
The organisers of this event, our good friend Ron Pier, John O. Brien and Co, not forgetting most helpfull members guy Tony, Colin, Andy ( very nice 16H ! ), Mick and Dave. The aim was to get together the largest parade of allied forces military motorcycles ( to go in the Guinness Book of Records ). The 65th Anniversary in 2009 reached 144. It looks like this year to exceed 200 machines. And all for a good cause, any surplus amounts being generated by this event will be donated to the Royal British Legion. Our aim was to bring to the Ètrèham campsite a few spares, should any machine breakdown.

We hired a 6 birth camper van, and heading
for France Trevor Brown, Peter Long,
John Thomas, Cord Cordes, Bernd Große

Most of the photos, taken by Bernd Große
( the Professor )
Also he is to be credited for Our Web Site

The Malta Team      
To show the enthusiasm of some of the groups who traveled to this event.
A team from Malta shipped 18 machines in a container, then hired camper vans to tour France. Lots of respect. A few photos of the team.

Jason Teuma on his BSA M20

The very friendly Micallef Family, Dorian on his Triumph 3HW

Steve Worley on his BSA M20

Another from Steve,
( as he looked the part )

John Baldacchino on his Ariel 350cc W.N.G.

Another from Jason Teuma BSA M20

Yet Another from Jason Teuma
( We think he wants to be a star ! )

Clive Micallef ( his son rides the 3HW ) on his very rare BSA M20 showing original Malta war time markings. He said he is only 35 years old ! Must be the Malta whiskey !

Another from this youthfull looking guy Clive Micallef

Charlie and Clauda Xuereb on his Matchless G3L. Having some experiance trading with Claudia, wow she drives a hard bargain ( BSA M20 Mudguard ). She should get a job in banking then there would be no world crisis !

Anthony Sammut on his 1943 Matchless G3L

Alfred Gala ( father of Dennis Galea? ) on his Norton 16H

Peter Long, would like to thank the Malta Team for putting on such a good show. Many of you have been long term customers. Hope we can help you in the future.

U.S. Cementery Colleville-sur-Mere ( one of Bernds amazing panoramic photos 360° degrees )

U.S. Cementery Colleville-sur-Mere
Reminder !

Just before the U.S. President arrived

Seems all nations are present !

Cord and John

Must have made some money that day

Pointe du Hoc, Peter, Trevor and John

The Reverend Trevor Brown ( praying ? )

Trevor, Peter and John

Arromanches Beach
At five in the morning Cord, John and Peter

Arromanches Beach
German tank

Arromanches Beach
U.S. Tank

Arromanches Beach
Tank Trevor, Cord and Peter

Arromanches Beach ( panoramic photos 190° degrees )

Arromanches Beach ( panoramic photo 360° degrees )

Pegasus Bridge

Trevor ( who else ! )

BMW outfit John, Trevor and Cord

Harley Davidson 750 Trevor, Peter and John

Cord and Peter

Harley Davidson WLA 750cc

John and Trevor

Harley Davidson WLA 750cc

Saint Vaast la Houguet ( panoramic photo 190° degrees )

Ron Pier and Draganflys number one man Mick Holmes.
At the start of the Guiness Record Run. Both on BSA M20s


Our Good friend, Van Breul Sander on Lex Schmidt,s perfectly restored 1942 Norton Big Four, with Side Car Drive. Normandy France 2004. If everbody was as friendly as Sander, the world would be a better place ! He owns the Brough Superior showing our Replica Exhaust Pipes, on our Web Site, Greetings to you and your father for 2015

           Normandy Pointe du Hoc

The Guinness Record Run

                   ~ 200 Dispatch Rider Machines

Omaha Beach Trevor, John and Peter

The Reverend Trevor ( what can one say ! )

John, Cord and Peter

John doing his impersonation of Michael Caine ( you was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off ! )

Our camper van at campsite

The Reverend Trevor cooking


Trevor, Peter and John cooking ?

A very nice James 125cc ( make a change from Jeeps , H. Davidsons and BSA M20s )

Bernd, Trevor and Peter at campsite

At campsite, Ron Pier passing my palm with silver, Trevor and Mr. Frost from USA, Dave

Nice Velocette MAC

Cord, drinking Tea ?? What no Wine !

Peter, hairs in my teeth ?

Cord, the Gentleman

John, is it one of ours old chap ?

Cord and Trevor

Trevor, a well earned break

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