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Stationary Engines Sundries
 Stationary Engines
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 Fivet Stationary Engine 1 CV
French Petrol Engine ~200cc IoE
water cooled
build ~1925
Zenith Carburettor
turn smooth with very good compression
Lucas Magneto N1 ( sparking )
A showpiece for the man cave
650,00 €
ono / VB


 Stationary Engine
unknown brand
Petrol Engine ~ 350cc SV
build ~1930
turn smooth with compression
Lucas Magneto N1
for restauration
390,00 €
ono / VB
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Locking Twist Grip
Genuine Feridax NOS
7/8 = 22mm with Rubber, Keys
Perfect Condition
150,00 €


Contract Dealer Workshop Shield
Thick Plate 1,5mm, enamelled
Good condition
60 x 48 x 1,2 cm
400,00 €
ono / VB

 CAV British
Side Fitting Head Lamp
8 1/2 Inch Dia
damaged Glass
General Condition good
no Dents
fits possibly Military, Lorry etc.
( some Army Paint present )
300,00 €

 First Aid Medical Box
Genuine NOS
( 2nd World War, Dated 10/1944 )
complete with 13 genuine First Aid
Dressing Packs, Fixoplast ( Tin Box ),
Boots Grey Triangular Bandage Packs,
Wound Dressing Packs BPC No 5
Box Stamped with War Dept Arrow

100,00 €