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Burman CP Burman BA
 Burman Gearbox / Burman Getriebe
Top   Menue
Gearbox Change Pawl
Genuine Burman NOS
Part No. 3524-33 ( Ariel Part No.)
Replica Gear Box Sprocket NOS
W.WU.WP. 20 Teeth, 3/8 x 5/8
( 3 Speed Gear Boxes )
see Drawing for Spline Sizes
fits models from 1929 onwards
Spring Cover
Replica ( unplated )
fits Burman 1928 Q. Box etc.
( Dia 116mm Q. Box )
also stocked Dia 91mm and 120mm
Kick Start Spring
Genuine Burman NOS
fits CP Gearbox
Matchless Part No. 130-X-2
26,00 € 20,00 € 18,00 € 18,00 €
Kick Start Pinion Ratchet
Genuine NOS
fits CP Gearbox
Burman Model H, 3 Speed
Hand Change Gearbox and Clutch for Restoration
Gearbox and Clutch is used,
possibly Gearbox will need new bearings,
and new friction plates, or New inserts ( in Clutch )
Drive Sprocket, possibly is none Standard,
Clutch Drum in usable condition.
( Speedo drive unit not complete )
Number Stamped on top flange,
of case HPBD, on side 1HP M 1.
Some Damage to the Bottom Fixing Point on case.
possibly fits 1933 250cc 350cc Machines
Gear Box and Clutch
Clutch has 3/8 x 5/8 Pitch Drum
same as the drive Sprocket, No. stamped on Case SSLEDL
( for renovation )
Gear Box has Speedo Drive fitted
this was optional extra not Standard
possibly 1920s from German or French Motorcycle
Burman CP Gearbox
Outer Gearbox Cover
Genuine NOS
fitted to Matchless / AJS Machines
25,00 € Sold
200,00 €
400,00 €
each 5,00 €
3 Speed Gearbox with Reverse Gear,
Duplex Drive Sprocket, Clutch,
Pair Primary Chaincases
( outer Gearbox Cover missing )
Bead Blasted, Primer Coat
Type 1 BAR. Number stamped on Box 508
fits 1932-35 STEVENS VAN
GearBox + Parts, as above

build by the Stevens Brothers ( Wolverhampton ) Ltd
Price was 83.00 Pounds
Stevens Vans also built in London by Bowden Engineers Ltd Approx 500 built, very few still exist ( but we did notice some Wheels for sale on EBay in Australia last year ) a nice example can be seen, at the Black Country Living Museum Dudley, West Midlands, England Interesting Infors on WWW.historywebsite.co.uk/
Burman / Matchless
Clutch Drum Sprocket
( to be rivited to Rear of Clutch Drum )
Genuine Burman / Matchless NOS
1/2 x 5/16 Chain Size 40 Teeth,
fits Model Gearboxes BA. E. L. M.O. TW Clutches
( many Types in Stock )
Burman / Matchless
CP Gearbox Cam Shaft
+ Operating Forks
Genuine Matchless NOS ( Burman )
complete Set
fits 1941-52 all 350cc & 500cc Singles
Matchless Part No. 45-C-2, 42-C-1, 43-C-1
Clutch Spring
Dia 16,84mm, Length 39,90 mm
fits Burman Heavyweight 1930s Q Type
500,00 €
60,00 € 40,00 € each 3,25 €
Gear Box Gear Change Pawl,
(Two Types) The larger 1.5/8 Wide.
Genuine Burman NOS.
(From What Model Gearbox Not Known)
BURMAN CLUTCH SPRING CUPS Replica, Length 25.06 mm.
Outside Dia 19.08mm. Inside Dia 17.90mm. Base Bore 12.00mm
To fit H. Weight 1928 Q Type Clutch, + Other Models
each 16,00 € Each 7.30 €