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Burman CP Burman BA
 Burman Gearbox / Burman Getriebe
Top   Menue
Gearbox Change Pawl
Genuine Burman NOS
Part No. 3524-33 ( Ariel Part No.)
Replica Gear Box Sprocket NOS
W.WU.WP. 20 Teeth, 3/8 x 5/8
( 3 Speed Gear Boxes )
see Drawing for Spline Sizes
fits models from 1929 onwards
Spring Cover
Replica ( unplated )
fits Burman 1928 Q. Box etc.
( Dia 116mm Q. Box )
also stocked Dia 91mm and 120mm
Kick Start Spring
Genuine Burman NOS
fits CP Gearbox
Matchless Part No. 130-X-2
26,00 € 20,00 € 18,00 € 18,00 €
Kick Start Pinion Ratchet
Genuine NOS
fits CP Gearbox
Burman Model H, 3 Speed
Hand Change Gearbox and Clutch for Restoration
Gearbox and Clutch is used,
possibly Gearbox will need new bearings,
and new friction plates, or New inserts ( in Clutch )
Drive Sprocket, possibly is none Standard,
Clutch Drum in usable condition.
( Speedo drive unit not complete )
Number Stamped on top flange,
of case HPBD, on side 1HP M 1.
Some Damage to the Bottom Fixing Point on case.
possibly fits 1933 250cc 350cc Machines
Gear Box and Clutch
Clutch has 3/8 x 5/8 Pitch Drum
same as the drive Sprocket, No. stamped on Case SSLEDL
( for renovation )
Gear Box has Speedo Drive fitted
this was optional extra not Standard
possibly 1920s from German or French Motorcycle
Burman CP Gearbox
Outer Gearbox Cover
Genuine NOS
fitted to Matchless / AJS Machines
25,00 € Sold
200,00 €
400,00 €
each 5,00 €
3 Speed Gearbox with Reverse Gear,
Duplex Drive Sprocket, Clutch,
Pair Primary Chaincases
( outer Gearbox Cover missing )
Bead Blasted, Primer Coat
Type 1 BAR. Number stamped on Box 508
fits 1932-35 STEVENS VAN
GearBox + Parts, as above

build by the Stevens Brothers ( Wolverhampton ) Ltd
Price was 83.00 Pounds
Stevens Vans also built in London by Bowden Engineers Ltd Approx 500 built, very few still exist ( but we did notice some Wheels for sale on EBay in Australia last year ) a nice example can be seen, at the Black Country Living Museum Dudley, West Midlands, England Interesting Infors on WWW.historywebsite.co.uk/
Burman / Matchless
Clutch Drum Sprocket
( to be rivited to Rear of Clutch Drum )
Genuine Burman / Matchless NOS
1/2 x 5/16 Chain Size 40 Teeth,
fits Model Gearboxes BA. E. L. M.O. TW Clutches
( many Types in Stock )
Burman / Matchless
CP Gearbox Cam Shaft
+ Operating Forks
Genuine Matchless NOS ( Burman )
complete Set
fits 1941-52 all 350cc & 500cc Singles
Matchless Part No. 45-C-2, 42-C-1, 43-C-1
Clutch Spring
Dia 16,84mm, Length 39,90 mm
fits Burman Heavyweight 1930s Q Type
500,00 €
60,00 € 40,00 € each 3,25 €
Gear Box Gear Change Pawl,
(Two Types) The larger 1.5/8 Wide.
Genuine Burman NOS.
(From What Model Gearbox Not Known)
each 16,00 €