Car Spares
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C6 Magneto
( used )
Six Cylinder
for Restoration
Bead Blasted
Points Cover missing
fits 1930s Rolls Royce
BLIC N4 R Magneto
( used )
Four Cylinder
for Restoration
Bead Blasted
fits Austin 7
Car Head Lamp
Genuine ( used )
for Restoration
190mm Dia
fitted with modern Hella Glass Reflector with EU Markings
Chrome on Rim good
fits 1926 Ford Model D etc.
3 Speed Gearbox with Reverse Gear,
Duplex Drive Sprocket, Clutch,
Pair Primary Chaincases
( outer Gearbox Cover missing )
Bead Blasted, Primer Coat
Type 1 BAR. Number stamped on Box 508
fits 1932-35 STEVENS VAN
GearBox + Parts, as above

build by the Stevens Brothers ( Wolverhampton ) Ltd
Price was 83.00 Pounds
Stevens Vans also built in London by Bowden Engineers Ltd Approx 500 built, very few still exist ( but we did notice some Wheels for sale on EBay in Australia last year ) a nice example can be seen, at the Black Country Living Museum Dudley, West Midlands, England
Interesting Infos
280,00 € 200,00 € 100,00 € 500,00 €
Carburettor HS4 F2X 1189
Genuine NOS
for Restoration
Bore Size 39,10mm
fits 1976-80 Morris Marina 1.3 + many others Mini , Rover, Triumph
Carburetter AUD 40F Carb
Genuine NOS ( Factory Replacment )
Bore Size 39mm
for Restoration
where its fits unknown?
( can you tell us ? )
Car ?
Carburettor Float Chamber Cap
Year & Model unknown
Sales Catalogue
early 1920s Essex
( American Hudson Motor Car Company Detroit Michigan )
Genuine ( Printed in England, French Text )
4 Pages,
Showing Super Six, Challenger, Torpedo, Sedan de Ville etc.
200,00 €
200,00 € 40,00 € 80,00 €