The Bar-None Motor Cycle Club

  The Bar-None Club was formed by British troops in May 1944, by despatch riders deployed near Cairo Egypt. The machines all War Dept, M20s, G3Ls 3HWs etc in fact anything that could be modified, It was open to all ranks with no one barred - hence the club name. Trials, Speedway (on Sand !) and the main event a Hill Climb, in the shadow of the Pyramids. The club spread all over the middle east, Africa, Canada, New Zealand. What is very rare are the genuine Club Badges cast by R.E.M.E workshops.

  The following Photos are all from COLIN MORGAN BAR-NONE CLUB Egypt 1946, we like to thank Tom Gilby Herts Essex for his time tracking down a piece of lost history.   
    Colin Morgan BSA M20 R.A.F. Northholt 1944 Signals unit ( APIS )            
Colin Morgan Matchless G3L 1943 Catterick Yorks      
    Triumph 3HW (Speedway Conversion) Egypt 1946      
    Colin Morgan Norton 16H ( Airborne ) Egypt 1945      

Colin Morgan BSA M20 ( Modified, Matchless Forks ) Egypt 1945
BSA M20 ( Desert Speedway ) Egypt 1946

    Triumph 3HW Converted for Desert Speedway ( Note the Fork Blades Reversed ) Egypt 1946      

Matchless G3L Egypt 1946

    Triumph 3SW ( with OHV Conversion from Matchless G3L ) Royal Enfield Front Hub ? Egypt 1946      

Triumph 3SW ( same machine as above ) Egypt 1946
Is that a "Bar-None" Badge in the middle of the fork?

    Information Post - R.E.M.E Ben-Gardane Egypt 1943

This photo from Mary Longs Father, J.E. England, Royal Air Force No 6 Squadron ( Tank Busters Egypt 1942 )
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